Stay clean and acne frees. This should always top you mind whenever you think of the dreaded skin acnes that seem to be after everyone these days. Almost every person suffers from the skin acne breakage with the number of those suffering from the condition at any given single moment amounting to millions. skin acne is therefore the most common skin disease around the world. The main factors that contribute to the development of acne are poor hygiene and hormonal changes our bodies. the fact that the disease seems to affect a certain age group that consists mainly of the teenagers proves that there is a hormonal link between them and the hormones. Acnes are also quite common in women mostly during their pregnancy and on their menses. They also appear once a woman withdraws from pregnancy control pills. All these cases are related to hormonal activities in our body.

The main reason why dealing with acnes can be a great cause of stigmatization is the fact that most people relate them with poor hygiene. While it is true that acnes are caused by the said factor, this is however not the entire truth of the matter and the only factor that can lead to growth and development of the causes, other factors that are discussed above that include hormones and others like poor dietary are known to result in acnes. Cleanliness should also be given a top priority in our lives. The cleanliness being referred to on this case does not only relate to the washing of the skin but also other measures like watching where you sleep and washing of your hands. Regular cleaning of all objects that come into contact with your skin should thoroughly and regularly be cleaned to ensure you stay acne free.

Aslo of great importance is the frequent washing of your hands and face to remove the grease that might accumulate on it and therefore result in an acne problem. The acne problem can easily be evaded should you adopt a clean lifestyle where hygiene is of paramount importance in our lives. Replace your bed pillows every now and then to reduce the risks of getting acnes. you should also remember to thoroughly wash you face before bed and wash away any makeup you might have off.